7 thoughts on “Email marketing: 10 tips for small businesses

  1. This is spot on…I don’t think there is anything to add. I will say that “test, measure, and adjust” is the mantra I hold onto with regard to email marketing.

  2. What is different about email marketing and spam distribution, it seems to me that the same thing?

    • Spam is unsolicited emails about random, often suspect topics without any way to opt out from sources you’ve had no interaction with. Proper email marketing is content from a credible business that you have an interest in receiving updates about that businesses products and services which is as a result of you signing up to it or having bought something from the business where their terms and conditions say you’ll be signed up to the email. Email marketing has a clear opt out process so unlike spam, if you don’t want to receive it, it can easily be stopped.

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