How smartphones have brought credit card acceptance within your reach


Guest Post: First Data Merchant Solutions

First Data Merchant Solutions LogoNew smartphone and Bluetooth technology has enabled very small businesses, such as mobile hairstylists, gardeners, plumbers or electricians to accept credit and debit cards easily and affordably.

Richard Simon from First Data Merchant Solutions, which provides special rates for card services to ShopIntegrator members, explains how small businesses can use the new technology to ensure they no longer have to turn away customers not carrying enough cash.

He said: “Traders can now buy a pocket sized card reader that can be easily attached via Bluetooth to their smartphone. Once you’ve downloaded an app to your phone, you are ready to start accepting card payments.

“These mobile card systems are more cost effective for very small businesses as they require less up-front investment than traditional card terminals like the ones used in shops.”

“First Data is a global expert in card acceptance,” explained Richard, “and we have recently recent launched Pogo> which enables you to accept mobile card payments with your iPhone®, iPad®, iPod touch® or Android™ device. It’s fast, secure and easy to use with no contracts, fixed fees or minimum usage agreements.

“In the UK it’s still early days for mobile POS. Research suggests of Britain’s 4.9 million[1] small businesses less than a half accept card payments[2] and could be losing more than £800m[3] of sales a year as a result.

“This could be about to change as strong demand for mobile POS is predicted from both micro merchants and large merchants driven by growth in online trade, a rise in smartphone usage and card penetration. [4]

“Consumers increasingly expect to be able to use their cards whenever they wish. For the trader, mobile POS can mean never having to lose a sale because the customer doesn’t have the right amount of cash and less chasing of unpaid invoices.”

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Be prepared for international cardholders

First Data Merchant Solutions LogoGuest Post: First Data Merchant Solutions

Have you noticed that while most international visitors to the UK carry credit or debit cards, they don’t always have Chip and PIN capability?

John Champion from First Data Merchant Solutions, which provides preferential rates to ShopIntegrator members, offers advice on what to do if you are handed one of these cards so you don’t lose a sale.

While Chip and PIN technology has been established in the UK since 2008, it’s still not a standard feature on many international payment cards – including those issued in the USA.

‘The magnetic stripe and signature strip is the fall back solution where there is no chip, it’s not working or has been disabled,’ explained John. ‘So we suggest two things – firstly that retailers remind their staff how to use the stripe option and secondly to remember all the old ways of spotting fraud.’

  • When checking the signature, look closely at the signature strip and make sure the original signature has not be ‘over-written’
  • Look at the front of the card under a UV light – does it have the appropriate mark?
  • Make sure the first four digits of the MasterCard or Visa card number are also printed above or below the      embossed number
  • Check that the last four digits of the embossed card number appear on the receipt

‘So if you are handed an international card without Chip and PIN technology – don’t panic and definitely don’t turn the customer away!’ says John. ‘A little planning and training will mean that you make the most of international cardholders.’

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First Data Europe Limited is authorised by the UK Financial Conduct Authority under the Payment Service Regulations 2009 for the provision of payment services (FCA register No. 582703).